by Maa Tejomayee Devi ( Estha Divine Mataji)



This is the 45th Shloka of Bhaktamar Healing.
It is a Shloka for incurable diseases from the Jain Bahktamar Healing Shlokas. This gift is more than a musical album, it is a powerful tool that you can use for your wellness, healing, meditations or/and simply your pleasure.
The Overtoning, Harmonic and Diphonic Chants adding power and sweetness to the healing effect. I sing several notes at the same times, resonating with the Universal Om and other Sacred Sounds .
It also comes with the Bonus of the beautiful 45th Bhaktamar card you can download and visualise with the lyrics for the Mantras, Shlokas and Riddhi along with a summary description.
You can Chant along with me or just listen, relaxing or doing your daily activities.
it is said that the results can be produced faster if you Chant with Faith in the morning ( along with , before or after meditation between 4 and 9 Am) or anytime in the day for 21 days.
It is preferable to eat without salt during the 21 days of chanting and I personally highly recommend to have a healthy vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian, liquidarian, or breatharian diet as it will increase your cleansing and allow more healing to come in..
Just Enjoy and Allow Yourself to Dive in this Beautiful Universe.
There are medical reports of scientists, doctors testifying of the beneficial effect of these Mantras and Shokas on patients.
Traditionnally the mantras have to be Chanted repeatedly 108 times ( the full album non stop 55 mn) and Shlokas can also be Chanted 9 times or any multiple of 9.
The album is lasting 55 mn of non stop 108 times Chanting and also in 4 parts lasting 15 mn each.
You can choose to download each part separately or the whole album if you prefer.
I recorded more sounds that I will publish soon for your Joy and Meditations.
Divine Blessings Love and Light !


released September 7, 2015

All Vocals and Music, Overtoning, Harmonic and Diphonic Chants by Maa Tejomayee Devi
Recorded and mixed by Shailesh Danish at Dhwani Studio in Nagpur, India Executive production by Dr Manju Jain
Design by info@Snexinvaconnect.net
Photo by D.L.C Paris edited by Estha Divine



all rights reserved


Maa Tejomayee Devi ( Estha Divine Mataji) Bali, Indonesia

Estha Divine Maa Tejomayee Devi is a LightWorker, Princess, Queen, Kriya Yogini and Sun/Soorya Yogini, Healer, Reiki Master.
Singer, Producer Plays guitar, bass, piano etc...Over Toning and Diphonic Chanting,
She can sing several notes at the same time and has a large range of vocals up to 5 octaves and higher that can sound like entire choir.
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